About me

This is me....in love with life.

My greatest inspiration is nature. Every tree, branche, leave, flower, feather and stone is material for my jewelry, photography and Art.  


I don't recall a walk in the woods when I didn't collect the gifts of Mother Nature.


Nature is where I belong. that's why I moved to Sweden with my husband and youngest daughter.

We live at a small farm in Småland close to the forest with our dear farm animals. 

Here I am home




*Before I moved to Sweden I had a crystal shop in the South of Holland. Because of the fact that I Feld it was time for new adventures, I sold my shop. I still love crystals, but at this moment I enjoy them privately.

*I am an educated Family Constelllations Coach and have over 10 years of experience working with clients. In my coaching I can work in groups or individual. During the coaching I use my sensitivity, my intuition, my knowledge and whatever is at hand. I love to coach with horses, because they are giving us a life mirror.

*Making Jewelry is what I do when I feel inspired by nature. Every item is unique and hand-made by me.

*I can't help being creative. Sometimes it just burst out of me and then I have to do something with it. That can be from writing to crochet, from woodworking to painting. So don't look surprised if you see something different from me, It's just me expressing myself.

*Some people call me crazy or a little weird and I don't say they are wrong. I love weird and crazy. That's what make us unique.