Bottle of happiness

SEK 710.00 SEK 410.00
Bottle of happiness

Prepare yourself for an abundance of happiness.

This tiny glass bottle (pendant) is filled with lovely white flowers, decorated with lemurian crystals and a onyx cabochon.

Onyx transforms negativity into possitivity and creates peace.

Lemurian crystals have a healing energy and hightens positive energy

Drywall (gipskruid) is a symbole for a pure heart and for strenght. 


This is a single item, but I can create one espessially for your needs.

Please send me a message so I can help you.

*All is handmade and unique

**I want to make sure that your order arrive safely, thats why I send all my jewelry in a beatiful giftbox wraped in a postoffice box.

CARE NOTICE!: The pendant is oxidized during the crafting process, any attempt to clean your pendant will/may risk its original appearence.